Select the state in which you have a criminal record

Using the map below, click on the state where your criminal record exists. If you would like to seal criminal records in more than one state, please call us at (855) 204-7407 or submit a form.



We offer the best service to clear both adult and juvenile criminal records, which includes:

  • An official background check
  • Record clearing eligibility analysis
  • Preparing all forms and templates
  • Filing & responding to all court documents
  • Agency compliance with court order
$495 + court fees
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Do you just want to know if your record is eligible?

We offer a basic service which lets you know whether you meet the minimum requirements necessary to clear your record. It includes:

  • An official background check
  • Eligibility analysis
$165* + court fees

*If you later enroll to completely clear your record,
$165 will be applied to the cost of the full service.

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